Complice - bijoux attachants


Country/Region: France


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Complice – Bijoux attachants was born from a desire to craft elegant, refined, comfortable, and discreet bracelet that follows you in your everyday life: at work, with friends or lovers. This jewel also holds a secret of desire, warmth and erotism.“Complice – Bijoux Attachant” has been initiated 5 years ago and is today blooming. This adventure started with my cousin’s reaction while I was presenting to her my collection from “Maison Brugères” the main brand I created. She suggested that there was a great demand in a sector I was not expecting: the world of erotism. Hence, I started to investigate, benchmark, contact professionals and then realized the market demand was real.Being a creator of luxury bracelet, cuffs, belts and other leather goods, I couldn’t understand the link between my main Luxury brand “Brugères” and those cuffs I was about to create. As a result, I launched “Complice” and its “bijoux attachants”. On the first hand: “Complice” is a French word that means at the same time: partner, accomplice, conniving, and knowing. On the other hand, “Bijoux attachants” has voluntarily two meanings in French: it can be understood as endearing jewels OR as tying/bindind jewels. The Complice Bracelets are elegant, refined, comfortable, and discreet. These jewels are “attachants” because they are often gifted by a lover and they embody the connection between partners or the bond with others. Complice cuffs are highly emotional pieces because they create a link with people around you and also because they hold a secret; a secret of desire, warmth and erotism. Indeed, Complice bracelets are built such a way that you can reveal a trick: untie the strip and loose the ring to unleash your desire, be suggestive of your ardour and allow yourself to succumb to your pleasure at the discretion of one’s practices.

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