Company Name : GIRARDI SRL

Country: Italy


  • Woman




  • Mid-range

Girardi: beautiful legs for elegant women (women’s legwear)
Domenico Girardi was certainly no amateur when he decided to set up his own legwear brand in 1954. Having already gained over twenty years’ experience in the industry, he knew exactly what he wanted to offer women: elegant and sophisticated articles that make their legs look fantastic and can truly be relied upon. In other words, legwear that delivers flawless quality. Comprehensive expertise in circular knitting machines allows the company to keep pushing back the boundaries of hosiery design. Innovation remains one of the brand’s key strengths, since it continually develops new techniques to offer new effects. In this way, Girardi creates hosiery that combines and juxtaposes very different materials within its knits. Legwear can thus feature something as unusual as leather or velvet within the actual knit, or, more conventionally, wool, cashmere or cotton, lace, embroidery, etc. As well as toying with materials, the brand also stands out from competitors through its wide choice of patterns, from classic florals to more modern, geometric lines. Highly attentive to comfort, Girardi keeps a close eye on customers’ wellbeing by using only high-quality yarns, with proven anti-allergy properties.

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