Company Name : FLEURON

Country: France


  • Woman




  • Premium
  • Mid-range

Brand of excellence with multiple corsetier know-how, Louise Feuillère presents a morphological collection with innovation addressed to women from three major morphological families:
thin women, so-called classic women whose size is standard and women with curvy forms.
A new generation of bras called “Liberty Brassieres” will be unveiled to meet comfort and breathing needs in order to “Forget your bra and breathe”.
The asymetric breasts will also find a model specially adapted for natural or moderately pronounced breast asymmetry. The liberty line minimizer will delight generous breasts.
The morphological collections are the fruits of the experience year to the measure of women.
A different conception of lingerie that places women at the heart of creation.
Louise Feuillère is Best hand-maker of France and teaches professional training.

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