Company Name : GAIA SRL

Country: Italy


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Since 1979, thanks to the spouses Sanzio and Maria Paolucci, Exilia promotes the essence and the craftsmanship of the corsetry and lingerie Made in Italy on the national and international markets. In the 90’s when the four children, Monica, Barbara, Massimiliano and Luca joined the company saw the birth of the Beachwear line, followed about a decade later by the line “Paolucci” featuring of dressing gowns, house dresses and bed jackets.
The peculiarity of this lines are the great craftsmanship, starting from the choice of woolen yarn to the creation of the items made through a “in-house production” that allows the creation of personalized garments. Starting from the season SS18 in addition to the wool we will produce also items with summer yarns, this also for the beachwear collection.

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