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Company Name : MS OCEAN

Country: France


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Our innovation: The slipper lining is integrated with micro-capsules containing natural oils which are released upon contact with your skin, leaving your feet nourished and hydrated.

Soft & Yoga slippers pamper your feet daily, leaving you feeling relaxed and snug.
It’s an innovation that came from one simple realisation: we often forget to hydrate and look after our feet!

The micro-capsules in our hydration range contain apricot oil for its deep hydration and anti-ageing properties; extract of shea to protect and nourish and vitamin E to slow down skin ageing.

Our relaxation range micro-capsules contain black pepper essential oils to stimulate micro-circulation and generate warmth. They contain a mix of arnica and wintergreen extracts for their relaxing and calming properties and extract of shea butter to protect and hydrate the upper layers of the skin.

The materials and active ingredients present in Soft and Yoga slippers are 100% natural. They are subject to rigorous laboratory testing to guarantee you comfort and innovation with peace of mind.

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