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The Salon International de la Lingerie will inspire and advise on a thematic in a focused space with trends and teaching designed for you.

For the 2019 edition, the area will be divided in 4 spaces:

The Love-in Voice
Loving fabrics, lingerie, one’s own body; the follow-up to the Body Positive movement, “Body Love”. The major comeback of lace and silk, adding greater value to our lingerie pieces. We love craftsmanship and telling stories about it.

The Emancipated Voice
The New Feminism. Boldly proclaiming womanhood and her seductive potential. After #metoo, a greater awareness of her social role, and a marked advocacy of femininity that is unafraid. A sensuality that is more casual, practical, and easy to wear for all occasions, and doesn’t hesitate to show off. Unabashedly displaying her femininity. Lingerie as a standard-bearer.

The Constructivist Voice
Highlighting of techniques and cuts. Design. A need for products that renew themselves. An imperative to bring design into the very heart of fashion, creating products that are collectors’ “objects”. Indulging oneself with taste, freshness, and good humor.

The Natural Voice
Being natural. The joining of body and mind. Rediscovering a sense of balance. Resonating in harmony with society’s concerns: waste, global warming, chemical pollution.


The Selection space

Eurovet’s expert eye will choose the season’s hits from the most avant-garde brands.
The Buyers Guide will include cult labels that you’ll also see in The Selection fashion shows.


The Retail Academy

The space dedicated to cross-merchandising for lingerie will also bring you coaching sessions on innovations to integrate into your boutique to optimise the customer experience.

Booking at : [email protected]

Discover the Retail Academy in video.


Vidéo : Retail, merchandising and Lingerie : all you need to know.  Come discover the merchandising around 7 key insights that will combine pedagogy and pleasure during the show.

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