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New, surprising and engaging experiences, that’s the LIVE of the Show!


Each season, Le Salon International de la Lingerie is committed to selecting the best of the lingerie, swimwear and loungewear on offer at the show and also to offering you the chance to get a feel for societal trends through workshops, round tables and events. For a better understanding of the market and to leave with lots of ideas to initiate in the points of sale. #engagement #sharing #experience.

So you can leave with lots of new ideas for your shop!


Women’s Circle by Audrey Lafont


Discover the Women’s Circle: a new concept of round tables to discuss about women, their bodies and their evolution. Exchange around feminine and everyday subjects in order to support each other and at the same time to reconcile with oneself and one’s body.

2 Women’s Circle per day, 40 minutes for approximately 15 persons, under a red tent:

  • Saturday, June 18th at 2:30pm and 4pm / 2 sessions of 40 minutes each
  • Sunday, June 19th at 10:30am and 12pm / 2 sessions of 40 minutes each
  • Monday, June 20th à 10:30am and 12pm / 2 sessions of 40 minutes each

Portrait d'Audrey LAFONT

Happy mother of two boys, Audrey, 35 years old, tells us about her career without any filter:

As an intensive care nurse for 11 years, then in paediatric and neonatal intensive care, she has developed her sense of ethics, of humanity and of teamwork.

When her second child was born, her path turned towards NLP and then a Quantik seminar opened the door to Doula.

Today, she follows the teachings of the Quantik doula. Surrounded by kindness, she advances in this project which is so dear to her heart.

She attaches great importance to family, well-being and reliability.

Meet Audrey during the exhibition in the Red Tent in this space dedicated to women.


Human Design by Mélissa Simonot

A workshop in the form of a general presentation of Human Design to be discovered each day with a moment of interactive exchange in small groups. With a few samples of 10-15 minute individual sessions to give a taste and to get into a concrete experience.

Mélissa is a guide in Human Design. This is a tool for self-knowledge based on your birth details (date, place, and exact time), which provide us with our energetic DNA and the keys to our natural modus operandi.

We all enter this world with a way of being that is unique to us. Knowing our Human Design allows us to obtain our individual “operating instructions” and to advance in our lives armed with concrete tools we can apply in everyday life to move forward while fully respecting our true nature.

Making decisions, relating, communicating, being well, being aware of areas of vulnerability and strengths and weaknesses…Human Design covers a wide range of subject matter and enlightens you right where you are on your inner path.

After a rich and diverse personal and professional journey, Mélissa found the keys to understanding, within Human Design, that no other tool had offered her up to that point. Fascinated by this system, she decided to make a living from it and now shares it with others to make it more accessible, concrete, and practical for those who are just discovering it or those who are already familiar with it. Mélissa’s approach is simple, gentle, and positive. She uses her knowledge of Human Design and her perception of spirituality to convey to you the information you need to re-learn to just be You. – @melissasimonot


Bra Fitting by Kimmay Caldwell

Welcome to the Bra Fitting workshop, for a perfect fitting of your breasts! A bra fitting is a work session with an expert to determine the ideal size and type of bra according your morphology.

Bra fitting, the No Bra phenomenon and the best practices in lingerie fitting will no longer hold any secrets for you.

How to become an expert on Bra Fitting techniques?

Kimmay Caldwell, “American girl” and lingerie expert, will help you optimise your Bra fitting techniques: improve comfort, reveal the silhouette, identify the right sizes. Enter the fitting room and let us guide you…


No Gender Make-up by No Beauty


A new experience at the show. No gender make-up. Valuing the complexion of men and women.  For several years now, initiatives in favour of non-gendered marketing have been multiplying, with more and more brands wishing to take up the cause of “no gender”, “gender fluid” or “gender neutral” and revolutionise consumer codes. This workshop will be a place to share, exchange and make-up!

In partnership with No Beauty, a no-gender cosmetic brand to perfect the skin.


The Gapianne Shop

A selection of intimate essentials by women for women.

Welcome to Gapianne, your intimate wellness eshop, present live on Exposed, during the 3 days of the show

Hormonal cycle, Intimate balance, Libido, discover routines to take care of your body on a daily basis, from adolescence to menopause.



Lithotherapy and numerology by Morgane Jorge

Lithotherapy is a technique that uses the energy of stones and crystals to connect to its vibrations in order to heal for and/or restore the balance between body and spirit.

Numerology is the art of interpretating numbers that influence our life. It is a technique that allows us to better understand ourselves through the numbers that are associated with each of us : understand and interprate our life’s way, analyze, calculate our evolution’s cycle and discover our life’s mission.