Join the Action Culottée collective!

31 May 2022

Action Culottée

Action culottée is a collective of lingerie and swimwear retailers born during the Covid 19 following the closure of lingerie shops judged non-essential by the French government.

Since then, many operations have been carried out by Action Culottée to promote and highlight the profession.

Today, Action Culottée’s goal is to support independent French-speaking lingerie shops in their workday. Mutual aid, the share and transparency are at the heart of our values.

Reserved only for members of the Action Culottée collective: Take part in the fashion show on Sunday 20th at 4.30pm in a private tribune and then go to the conferences area for a cocktail with a presentation of the collective’s 2022 programme and actions.

The association under the French law of 1901 is officially launched in January 2022, to join it, click here.

For more information visit @actionculottee