Posidonie, a swimwear brand that really fights for the environment

16 June 2022

Posidonie is a Paris/Toulon brand created in March 2020 by Lauren Peuch. Since its inception, the brand has been fighting with the pollution affecting oceans and seas.

Posidonie only uses fabrics with recycled fibres from abandoned fishing nets and plastics.

The materials, once processed and transformed in Italy or Spain, offer the opportunity to create a very soft and resistant fabric, made to last. Moreover, by using existing materials, it is possible to save water and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% during the production of the fabric.

The brand is the first to use only recycled materials for its swimwear collection.

Another further gesture to protect the environment is Posidonie knots: To adjust the backs and straps,, as the company refuses to use steel or plastic eyelets, usually coming from Asia. The practical and qualitative knots do not break or get out of place…

The whole process is therefore eco-responsible, offering women a collection of swimwear that respects the environment and cares about their natural well-being through ethical production in Portugal. Adjustable, timeless and comfortable, Posidonie’s collections adapt to all morphologies.

Posidonie’s new 2022 collections highlight three themes: “Les Ensoleillés” is a parade of shimmering colours inspired by the light of the south on the sea; the “Collection Provençale” is inspired by the traditional motifs of fabrics from this region. Posidonie “x Lundi au Soleil” integrates floral or maritime motifs into an elegant line of swimwear.