Alexandra Worm interview – KANT Amsterdam

12 December 2019

How long have you been visiting the show?
I have been going to the show for 12 years now. Even before I started my own lingerie shop. Not only is the show very interesting and inspiring, but also … Paris! On my day off I go to the Aubade and Chantal Thomass shops, as well as the department stores. Paris gives me inspiration, the people, the food and the language.

The last brand you spotted at the show?
My last brand discovered and in my shop is a swimwear brand called Miss Bikini. Also I visited Cosabella for the amazing bralettes they have which are very important to have at the moment. Bralettes, wireless bra’s, is fashion right now.

Today, in the fashion industry, what is your favorite product ?
I wear what I like. I follow fashion but I make my own decision. I don’t have a favorite product but I go for quality which last longer and gives me a lot of pleasure.
For me, wearing Oscalito is an everyday joy. Oscalito makes beautiful shirts from silk and wool and nearly everyday I wear a shirt and a vest from them.

Your typical day on the show
I am at the show from Saturday till Sunday from 09.00-19.00. I make my own plan and always start by visiting the brands I already sell in my shop, seeing some shows and spotting new brands. During those two days, I talk a lot and make new friends. In between, I take a good look at the new collections.
This will all be changing a little bit now. Besides having my own lingerie shop, I started a second company called Alexandra Agenturen Amsterdam. I will find brands at the show which I can represent in the Netherlands. One must always be busy and I miss so many nice brands in Dutch lingerie shops and also fashion stores so I’m spreading my wings and aiming to change the Dutch climate a little bit by introducing fashion in lingerie and swimwear.
The Salon helps me with that. That’s why I feel nothing but respect and gratitude for the organisation of the Salon. It helps me and then I can help my customers.

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