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An analysis of Winter 2019-2020 Fashion trends-Vanessa Causse, Eurovet

27 February 2019

An analysis of Winter 2019-2020 Fashion trends

Today, we’re moving beyond body positivism to talk about ‘body love’. We’ll be considering the body in a different way, adopting a kinder approach, encouraging confidence and fulfilment.

4 key trends stand out this season:

Love-in voice
It’s about caring for your body, finding the balance between body and mind. After years’ complying with the dictates of fashion and shaping, we’re accepting our bodies as they are. All different skin-colours and body-types are also being recognized.
Rather than some caricature of the perfect woman, this is about real women. Their imperfections make them beautiful.
We’re aiming to accompany and embrace the body rather than confine it.
Craftsmanship is also making a comeback: consumers need to understand the price of lingerie.

Emancipation voice
This is the follow-up to the #metoo movement.
As women take control of their femininity, sensuality is no longer concealed. New fabrics abound. Changing behaviour and sexist prejudices through a new type of feminism: women are proud of their status and seductive potential.

Constructivist voice
Design is being incorporated into fashion, shaking up the rules of pattern-making.
Sport brings the innovative dimension and revolutionizes textiles.
Collections are updated: shrugging off established codes, trying something new.
Colours highlight lingerie lines. Design is integrated within the form of bespoke garments.
We’re halfway between sport and technology

Natural voice
This trend is influenced by the environmental context.
We want to rediscover balance, align ourselves with society’s concerns, get closer to nature, listen more attentively.

Listen back to the podcast of the Trends conférences by Vanessa Causse to know everything about the 2019-2020 fashion trends!


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