12 December 2019

Bra-Fitting Workshop
10.30am & 3.00pm every day

How to become an ace at Bra-Fitting techniques
American lingerie expert Kimmay Caldwell will work with you to make the most of your bra-fitting techniques: maximize comfort, create a gorgeous silhouette, and identify the right sizes. Enter the fitting room and let her be your guide…


Im-perfection workshops – Millennials area

We have collaborated with the Im-perfection agency, specializing in consulting, data, training and brand purpose, to create a number of workshops focusing on body positivism and commitment.

Colour analysis
Colour consultations using ‘colorimetry’ to show how different colours can optimize the wearer’s complexion.
Mathilde from the Im-perfection agency uses colour draping to teach participants about their colour profile and how to make colour the cornerstone of sales pitches.

« Love your size experience » by im-perfection
As the portrayal of women changes and beauty standards become more inclusive, im-perfection is placing diversity at the heart of the customer experience.
The “Love your size experience” is designed to help women develop a positive body image and they’d like to start with you! The agency will be assisted by the combined talents of photographer Justine Choquer and illustrator Audrey Leroy.
With a very personal approach to celebrating women’s empowerment, this workshop is an excellent source of inspiration, offering keys to understanding your customers’ relationship with their own image.


Exhibition-workshop « Teintures Naturelles » –  O.R.G.A.N.I.C area

At the heart of the O.R.G.A.N.I.C area, this exhibition-workshop will offer an innovative initiation into plant-based dyeing techniques, with the help of Whole.

Our goal is to share practical, sustainable development solutions – such as upcycling – to boost the sector and support it through this latest transformation.

Using unsold products from brands, the workshop will make the most of plant-based dyestuffs to give them a totally new look. Finished products will then provide a showcase for colour-ranges of natural dyes.

During the show, the workshop will offer visitors a makeover for their favourite garments. Whether a T-shirt, top, nightie or scarf, the result is sure to be a one-off!

Caravane Botanique – Mint area
every day at 11 am and 4 pm.

The Flower truck offers you two workshops a day : candle bar and Flower bar
Give yourself a moment of relaxation during the show.

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