AZ/AR Gang offers quality sportswear for active women tailored to their passion from yoga to boxing

19 May 2022

AZ/AR Gang has taken the activewear market by storm offering women different ranges that fit their individual sports personality.

The AZ/AR Gang website carefully guides its customers towards the sports collection that best suits them by matching them to their passion.

Active women are encouraged to find the right bra and leggings for their practice, with a choice of three bra models and three cuts, for three different types of sport: soft, medium and intense.

Collections are tailored for an array of sport including boxing, running, cross training cycling, dancing, horse riding, gymnastics, yoga and pilates.

Runners and gymnasts are recommended the Arizona range which is perfect for women with a passion for extreme sport. Its sports bras offer more support with a simple cut and cross back straps, no underwire and removable inner cups.

Women who enjoy boxing, cross training, dance and horse riding are also steered towards the Arizona range but are equally suited to the Clay bra. With a more feminine cut, Clay sports bras are slightly low cut between the chest and the back with a mesh giving a transparent effect. This style is also perfect for the female cyclist, according to the company.

Meanwhile AZ/AR Gang’s latest collection Sky is tailored towards those who practice yoga and pilates. Sky leggings come with a handy pocket and double waistband. The entire range is made from recycled and upcycled materials from Italy and Germany, and crafted in Portugal.

AZ/AR Gang is aimed at “bubbling women” who are full of energy. Named after the Iranian word for fire, its style is referred to as a hybrid between sport and fashion.

More than 60 influencers represent the brand which has 14,500 Instagram followers and has been published in Vogue, ELLE, and Marie-Claire.

Its permanent collection includes one legging style in three colours and five sizes from XS to XL. It also features three bra types designed for all kind of sports.

French influencer Diane Perreau also helped design her own collection which features two glitter bras and one pair of leggings.

Another collaboration for next September is underway with French coach Julie Pujols.