Billi London: The World’s First 100% Biodegradable Legwear

21 April 2022

Sustainability and being eco-friendly are becoming two pillars of the fashion industry. Billi London are well prepared for the future, with their forward-thinking lingerie brand based out of Saint Malo, France and London, UK.

Billi London’s Eco Mission Statement 

“When you take a step back and consider the damaging impact that it has on the environment, 

tights should not be seen as a disposable afterthought”, say Billi London’s founders Marie Bouhier and Sophie Billi-Hardwick. “Revolutionary legwear which does not compromise on any of the markings of true luxury; quality, craftsmanship, innovation and absolute comfort.”

The brand offers this through its innovative tights, the world’s first enhanced biodegradable tights in landfill. Not only are the pieces elegant, they are durable too. The focus for Billi London is quality over quantity, and also to also provide advice for its customers on how to care for tights. Instead of centering their products on age ranges and such, the brand wants to create quality options that appeal to the individual style of its wearers.

“Our biodegradable approach goes beyond the recycling method”, say Billi London’s founders. “By wearing Billi London’s tights, you contribute to reducing the time that a pair of tights pollute the environment in landfill by more than 80%, protecting our planet now and for the generations to come”. The company’s biodegradable tights biodegrade in around five years of landfill, according to the reference ASTM D5511 – Std test.

Billi London

Billi London’s SEV7N Biodegradable Leggings

What Make Billi London Stand Out

Billi London offers everyday luxury wardrobe essentials, for all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Their luxury legwear is designed to fit like a second skin, effortlessly stylish and sensuously comfortable like their Coco Biodegradable Tights. Named after the Coco di Mama restaurant where its founders decided to create the brand in London.

The tights are produced in Italy crafted with premium yarns, Amni Soul Eco® Nylon and ROICA ™ V550 Elastane, with a 3D technology for 360-degree flexibility and seamless design for ultimate comfort and durability. This flexibility means Billi London’s products are easy to adapt and adjust to,
with no more rolling, twisting and pinching.

Another unique product that Billi London offers is their Most Irresistible Tights Box. The brand packages two pairs of its premium tights in one box featuring a pair of classic 30 denier premium tights and the limited edition Coco 20 denier fashion premium tights. Regarding the packaging, the brand has taken away the unnecessary bits to offer a plastic free packaging, made with recycled and recyclable materials.

Making a Mark

In September 2021, Billi London made a big statement by opening a pop-up store in London until February 2022. Previously the brand was online-only, but has since been able to display it’s 100% certified biodegradable collections in an in-person setting. 

To coincide with this, the company launched an exclusive, store-only collection named “SEV7N”. The collection was described as “the future generation of legging, socks and knee high”, and was named in homage to the first Billi London boutique in Seven Dials, London. 

The space was designed in collaboration with experiential creative strategist designer Margherita Poggiali. Intended to look like an exhibition, the space had bold colours, tasteful decor and a large changing rooms. There was even a “care, repair and upcycle” area, another example of the company’s aforementioned aim to educate individuals on the life journey of their tights, how to look after them, repair and upcycle them.

“Billi London has transformed this space…”, said Samantha Bain-Mollison, Retail Director at Shaftesbury “…[By] bringing to life a new physical home for their revolutionary product offering, including innovative features such as the tights repair station, to highlight the brand’s commitment to the circular economy”. 

One for the Future

By centering the company on conscious living and rethinking our fashion routine today to protect  tomorrow, Billi London’s founders have created a brand that will only get more relevant and popular with time. 

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