Bo and Blu Swimwear: pieces inspired by a love of water

7 June 2022

Bo and Blu offers unique swimsuits that are drenched in inspiration.

There is a lot more to Bo and Blu than just swimwear. The young company (founded in 2020) specialises in producing high-quality, reversible swimsuits. Bikinis like the Jane & Nico set are adorned with art deco prints and patterns, and the top can be worn at the neck or crossed back. The Nico bottoms are adjustable, with special cords on the sides.

These are far more than just normal bikinis, they are inspired by a love for the sea, poetry and bohemian spirit. Bo and Blu founder Nathalie Macia puts as much of her personality and passions into her work as possible, while producing timeless shapes and silhouettes for a range of wearers.

One-piece swimsuits like the ANNA come in striking, tasteful colours, with customisation options so wearers can “change your style according to our mood of the moment”, according to Bo and Blu. Usually two colours or prints are combined, offering customers the possibility of turning their piece inside out for a whole new way of presenting themselves.

Naturally, Bo and Blu owes a lot to nature, and has committed to being an eco-responsible brand. Collections are designed with local partners, and fabrics are crafted in workshops in France and Spain.