A brief guide for picking the best strapless bra

24 March 2022

A swift rundown of different types of strapless bra, so you can pick the best item regardless of your cup size.

Finding the right type of strapless bra can be difficult, with many options on offer for certain preferences and requirements. Strapless bras are growing in popularity, and can compliment a piece such as a backless dress or one-shoulder top. Here is an overview of different styles of strapless bra, along with the benefits of each one.

If you have a larger cup size, then seek strapless bras with support. There are many options with underwires, foam cups, internal slings and power mesh panels, all intended to boost support. On the other side of the spectrum, seek out bras with a stay-in-place design, which helps avoid slips. Pieces with light padding or underwire are also useful.

For those who prioritise comfort, the bandeau style of strapless bra is a dependable choice. Bandeau bras can be nicely layered under clothing, while some can even function as a crop top. In terms of customisation, convertible bras are a great pick, offering underpinning and adjustable features. There are also many lace strapless bras, a perfect fit for lingerie-wearers with a love for aesthetics.