Chantelle Lingerie, designer of the year 2019

28 November 2018

This year, the CL group (Chantelle Lingerie) is recognized with the title of Lingerie Designer of the Year 2019 for the modern spirit of its new brand positioning. Indeed, this French lingerie specialist has taken a bold step in rethinking its entire brand portfolio, under the auspices of an overarching brand that is both powerful and innovative, emerging through the “designed by CL” signature.

This recent shift in image led by Renaud Cambuzat, Chief Creative Officer, is a concrete choice for the group: “In a world that’s more visually oriented than ever, where brands particularly highlight emotion and experience, we wanted to strengthen our position as product experts and offer a new approach to our image. This is a real opportunity to align ourselves with how a new generation of women buys lingerie, and to take this industry into a new creative era. Along with the emergence of this CL group signature, we have completely revamped the creative direction of our brands so that they’ll remain powerful and relevant, and distinct yet compatible, in an environment that is evolving rapidly.”

And so, under this group banner, we find the following different brands and their new identities:

  • Chantelle, with its great history of innovation, looks to the future by focusing on the design-oriented dimension of its identity,
  • Passionata is in the spotlight as a brand fully focused on pleasure and freedom,
  • Chantal Thomass, for its part, keeps making its mark as a playful, irreverent designer brand,
  • Femilet takes the stage as the Scandinavian brand par excellence.


Find them on the trade show booth B62 !