Digital business: a solution for today and tomorrow

18 April 2019

Many retailers, stores and distributors are still reluctant to embrace digital opportunities. Despite attracting an increasing number of consumers, online selling is seen as overly complicated and costly. Guillaume Truttmann, Eurovet’s digital strategy consultant, gives us the lowdown on launching a lasting and profitable online business.


Multichannel logic
In France, 10 to 15% of lingerie sales take place online. Even though in-store conversion rates are twenty times higher than online, consumers tend to adopt a multi-channel approach. The majority of them now browse e-shops before visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Multichannel consumers go on to consume 20% more than their single-channel counterparts.

What are the solutions for increasing market share ?
During his conference, Guillaume Truttmann discussed a number of effective and accessible solutions for boosting online business, including the WordPress CMS which can be used to associate products, brands and boutiques online, through a wide range of free e-commerce modules and customizable themes. ‘Stripe’ is a solution for accepting payments directly online, in just three minutes. Simple tools that generate traffic and increase brand awareness.

Working your audience
Given the abundance of everyday advertising, it is important to ensure that strategies are well targeted. is a simple emailing solution. Creativity is the key to success: events, loyalty cards and competitions are ideal opportunities for engaging with Internet users and standing out from competitors.

Influenceurs: a new community
Going beyond the commercial aspect, working with specialist influencers can boost the credibility of the brand message, with a non-negligible impact on image and likeability. Gifting products and establishing relationships offer win-win benefits for both parties.


Podcast Guillaume Truttmann – Eurovet Digital Strategy Consultant
« Retailers, boutiques, distributors: how the Internet can help you increase sales  »




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