Discover natural femininity with Éjwé

8 June 2022

Éjwé, a young brand created thanks to an online crowdfunding campaign, will be present for the first time at SIL with its range of timeless, elegant and very feminine underwear.

For the first time, the young brand Éjwé will participate in the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, with the ambition to develop its presence in shops in France and Europe. Launched at the end of 2020 with a successful crowdfunding campaign, the brand is for the time being only available online.

The Éjwé concept: natural femininity

The brand, which advocates well-being, respect and diversity, offers a collection of super comfortable outfits. For Bénédicte d’Elloy, the founder of Éjwé, women need to forget their undergarments.

With a 15-year career in lingerie design, d’Elloy wants to shake up the norms. Underwear must be designed for a woman’s comfort and not to meet the ideals imposed by society. Whether it is through the products or the brand’s communication, she defends a liberated and natural femininity. Bénédicte d’Elloy wants to celebrate breasts in all their forms.

Thus the brand offers bras without underwiring or padding, designed and thought to be forgotten. Constructed in a sheath with a double layer of fabric to envelop the breasts gently and provide good support, they adapt to different breast’s sizes and follow their movement.

D’Elloy has chosen to focus on eco-certified natural materials. The first collection is made of organic cotton – a soft, supple fabric that respects the sensitivity of the skin, the nipples and mucous membranes and, of course, the environment.

The Éjwé collection

To create her range of bra, the designer works on the shape with precision through experimentation: what better way to test and refine the cut of her underwear on women of various shapes?

Timeless, elegant, feminine: Éjwé sets are becoming everyday essentials for women. There is no need to follow trends. The most important thing for d’Elloy is to focus on women’s needs. Colours, cuts, quality, sizes, everything is designed by and for women.

In a slow fashion dynamic, the range is based on timeless products that remain in the collection all year round. The first models are a brassiere, 2 bras – one balconnet and a push-up bra – as well as panties and a shorty. Three basic and timeless black, a sublime terracotta red that suits all skin tones and a warm milk colour.

The range will be completed as time goes by with new sizes, new colours and models that will fit more and more breast shapes.