New campaign by Sans Complexe Lingerie reinforces the brand’s bold and confident positioning.

17 December 2019

Specializing in larger cup-sizes, Sans Complexe Lingerie is unveiling a new communication campaign reaffirming the mantra it launched in late 2016 “J’ai des seins. Et alors ?” (So what if I’ve got breasts?) with its usual level of optimism and enthusiasm.

Ten years ago, the brand used a clear message to position itself in all major French cities: “Model skinny is out!”

With this two-chapter campaign, Sans Complexe is hoping that real women will appeal to curvaceous customers and confirm its position as THE lingerie brand with a genuine understanding and connection.

Chapter 1: To celebrate the 15th birthday of its best-selling Arum line, the brand is placing its customers at the heart of its new digital campaign: “J’ai des seins. Et alors ?”

What better way of thanking customers who have fuelled the success now enjoyed by the brand, than to put them front and centre of the upcoming Sans Complexe campaign?

  • Because large-chested women may have had complexes and succeeded in overcoming them.
  • Because larger bra-sizes are totally compatible with body positivity.
  • Because larger cup-sizes don’t stop you wanting to show off your femininity.
  • Because wearing a larger bra doesn’t stop you looking for lingerie that you love.

The product provides a simple solution to their need for genuine comfort and impeccable support, as well as a desire for stylish and exciting designs.

Chosen as the new ambassadors for the campaign, Béatrice, Eva, Flore, Jessica, Julie and Marianne are all loyal customers of Sans Complexe. Fans of the ARUM line for a number of years, they already own the bra in up to 15 different colourways. The campaign will be shown on the brand’s website and social networks and supported by a digital media plan.

Chapter 2: Killing my complex (#JeKillMonComplexe)

Sans Complexe wanted to find a light-hearted and fun way to support women who still have a complex about their chest-size.

To achieve this, the brand has contacted a number of influencers with personalities as varied as their cup-sizes. Ely Killeuse, ambassador of the Body Positive movement in France and author of the book “Body Positive Attitude” (published by Marabout), will launch the campaign in late September.

She’ll lead the way by posting a video-challenge on her Instagram account with hashtags that say it all: #JeKillMonComplexe (Killing my complex) and #JaiDesSeinsEtAlors (So what if I’ve got breasts?). One by one, her #bopo group of girlfriends will then set her community challenges throughout the month of October, inviting participants to express their feelings about their breasts. High-impact and above all fun, we’re hoping the campaign will go viral!

Anyone who’s interested can follow and join the movement #JeKillMonComplexe / #jaidesseinsetalors #jesuissanscomplexe #sanscomplexelingerie via social networks @sanscomplexe_lingerie.

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