Feel good in your bikini

23 May 2022

A-, O-, H-, X-, and V-shaped silhouettes…Every body has its own perfect swimsuit!

Discover all our tips today for every body shape, to feel good about your body and in your swimsuit this summer

Summer bikini tips, Salon International de la Lingerie



Did you know that 8 out 10 women don’t know their bust size? A small bust or an ample bosom, a small bottom or a bountiful bum, and slim legs or curvy thighs: each part of the body matters.

“How can you highlight the best of your body, so you feel great in your swimsuit?”

It’s a problem we face each summer. Making the right choice(s) is often a real challenge when we walk into a lingerie boutique and an array of pieces are there for the choosing. How can you reconcile your best features with the charm of your body’s small imperfections? Dispelling your complexes and showing off your body for all to see isn’t so easy. Choosing a swimsuit that’s right for your body is therefore an essential part of feeling good in your body, and every detail counts.

The swimsuit, a concrete element of women’s emancipation, has become a real summer trend. This year, the color palette is vast: from light blue through to teal blue, and even greyish blue, choose the shade that looks best on you. Looking for something sunnier? Try terracotta orange, pale yellow, or purple. And last, but not least, the “new blacks” are all the rage: shades of burgundy, forest green…and don’t forget the essential black or white! Of course, ladies, it all depends on the type and color of your skin. For paler skin tones, go for basic, lighter colors that are not too flashy, or even pale or dark blues. However, for darker skin, whites, flashy colors, and iridescent shades will all enhance your skin tone.

In terms of swimwear items, between a bikini, monokini, one-piece swimsuit….The bikini remains the key product for summer. Created in 1946, it was ignored for many years, then was highly criticized, and even censored, since women’s bodies were still considered taboo at the time. Invented by French engineer Louis Réard, he gave it this name as a reference to the Bikini Atoll, where the Americans carried out atomic bomb tests on July 1st, 1946, because he already knew that his invention would have that bombshell effect. Famous since 1953, when Brigitte Bardot appeared in a white bikini at the Cannes Film Festival, the bikini has been a must-have on the beach and at the pool.

In terms of shapes and fabrics: ruffles, ribbons, frills, prints, and other novelties add a sense of volume, and wide straps and ties around the neck expand the back. High cuts on the leg lengthen the silhouette, and high-waisted briefs, as well as one-piece swimsuits, highlight the waistline.

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