The French and their taste when it comes to lingerie

14 February 2022

The report, titled “Le baromètre intime des Françaises – les nouveaux comportements d’achat de lingerie”, offers a deep dive into France’s new clothing trends after the gloom of repeated lockdowns and remote working. The study was carried out by online lingerie specialist Glamuse, who reached out to 4,000 people on their Instagram account in December 2020. It shows French people have adapted their tastes and the results are a paradox between comfort and glamour.


Starting with the aspect of comfort. It comes as no surprise, but so-called loungewear has the wind in its sales. Goodbye traditional city dress codes; hello soft, comfortable, flexible clothing. In terms of indoor wear, demand for trousers and leggins has exploded, with sales jumping 400%. Next, but far behind, French people are choosing shorts, up 160%, and pyjamas, up 150%, to meet their cocooning needs when chilling at home.


A study conducted by IPSOS on behalf of the International Lingerie trade show in 2015 had already shone a light on this trend which has been confirmed time and time again. At the time, the question “Do you prefer wearing lingerie which is above all comfortable”, was confirmed by 80% of French people, while the remainder said they wanted to feel sexy.


But a few years on and it appears sexy is gaining ground if we are to believe the answers collected by Glamuse, a notable difference compared with analysis on the topic from previous years. It may have been some time since French people looked to please others by slipping into such undergarments, but change is on the horizon. Today, more and more are putting ‘her’ first.


Some 65% of women surveyed bought sexy lingerie in 2020 to please themselves, with a desire to feel beautiful and feminine. At the forefront of sexy lingerie, nipple covers have seend sales jump 700%, while crotchless knickers and suspenders have risen 160% and 150% respectively, taking second and third place.


Next, the study looked at sales trends for two staple products, bras and underwear. Regarding the former, three products distinguished themselves from the rest with sports bras taking the podium, followed closely by triangle and open models. Among the high performers, full cup bras were the most popular ahead of underwires and half-cups.


Finally, when it comes to the most sold underwear, knickers took first place, followed by thongs, french knickers, g-strings and high waisted models.