INSOUMUSES: What are the new, inspiring visions of femininity emerging from fashion social media? by Leherpeur Paris

30 March 2020

The digital space and Instagram, specifically, have rendered the concept of fashion “muses” totally obsolete.

In this post-#metoo era, many leading neo-feminist voices have emerged on social media and are transforming the way classic media platforms are expressing themselves. The voices of these new thought leaders are truly unleashed due their presence in the digital space, as we see in examples such as the famous podcasts by La Poudre @lapoudretv .

With all these changes, the concept of the muse now seems truly outdated, as a passive figure reduced to merely awaiting the male gaze, and therefore, we’ve seen the emergence of new feminine role models through fashion social media.

Who are these new role models, these “INSOUMUSES” reinventing what it means to be a woman?

We offer 3 profiles, 3 INSOUMUSES:



They’re funny, playful, and omnipresent on social media.

They’re redefining the rules of a more positive and caring reality.

They also offer a certain freshness and positive vision of beauty.

And finally, they’ve all made their names based on their sense of humor.


Who’s Who?







Style Signature 

These are authentic women using the clichés of old-fashioned girliness to deconstruct sexist tropes. It’s a new sort of feminine Pop-Art style.


Their expressive ciphers:

  1. Anti-problematic

Inspired by Belgian artist Charlotte Abramow, who’s committed to deconstructing all kinds of stereotypes, whether they’re homophobic, fat-phobic, etc….so that there won’t be any more “problematic” comments.

  1. Memes (elements or phenomena repeated and re-crafted on a mass level online)

In the spirit of the @Vogueturfu Instagram account, deciphering and retelling the absurd, with tons of humor. Or, how not to take oneself seriously.

  1. Our bodies just the way they are!

Here, they talk about being body positive, and they normalize menstrual cycles. In other words, it’s about being authentic and natural.


In short, these GIRLS NEXT DOOR bring to the table of feminine representation:

  • An end to rules and dictates
  • A new form of fashion humor
  • The power of being “just us girls”
  • A profound sort of lightheartedness



The use the feminine spirit as the standard-bearer for a new way to be powerful.

They create artistic statements around the question of gender.

They push the boundaries on what gender means.


Who’s Who?








Style Signature

They create artsy personalities inspired by David Bowie, telling a new kind of gender story.


Their expressive ciphers:

  1. The new poetic spirit

They craft a poetic spirit with depth, a type of committed poetry that makes us think and seek deeper meaning.

  1. Questioning myths

They rely on art to offer new fields of expression.

  1. The free underground

A form of expression that they use at night, when everything becomes possible.


In short, this NEW MASCULINE/FEMININE adds to feminine representation…

  • The hunt to eradicate sexism
  • A new type of blended beauty
  • A powerful feminine stance
  • A sense of freedom inspired by the spirit of the underground, along with a more artistic approach



They’re redefining and reinventing what it means to be elite.

They work in the world of fashion, and are stylists, designers, or even buyers.

They tell us what is tasteful today.


Who’s Who?






Style Signature 

They like to play around with whimsy and with the details of a child-like world, creating a new sort of elegance that brings vintage pieces back into style.


Their expressive ciphers:

  1. The art of living

Social rules are reinvented, moving toward a new art of living, a newly inspiring way of life and new places infused with a poetic spirit.

They share a lot about dinners, art and their everyday lives.

  1. Powerful Sisterhood

Community is very important, because it’s the main reason for these new princesses to be sharing their lives.

  1. Harmony

Artistic culture is heightened here. They’re always looking for harmony.


In short, these NEW PRINCESSES bring to depictions of the feminine spirit…

  • A redefinition of what is considered tasteful
  • Community-based elitism
  • A quest for legitimacy


These are three INSOUMUSES who inspire and redefine the outlines of the feminine spirit today on fashion social media…Three portraits of a new generation of women to follow and help you build new content strategies, reinvent your brand or identify new fashion thought leaders.

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