Interview with Souhela Ferrah

5 February 2019

How did your brand come to be?
Souhela Ferrah / After being a lingerie model for several years, in 2017, I decided to launch my own brand, out of passion for the product. Most women spend money for visible garments, but, for me, that’s not necessarily the best way to give myself a treat. Personally, I’ve always felt good in beautiful lingerie: that little something that belongs only to me. In beautiful lingerie, whether it’s seen or not, I know that
I’ll have a good day. I lived in Paris for 5 years; sitting at a café terrace, I always enjoyed noticing the incredible elegance of women who showed just a bit of their lacy bra, in total simplicity. For me, a modern woman’s silhouette is simple and isn’t part of any particular era. Truly timeless, it is embellished with beautiful lingerie that a woman shows with revealing see-through looks and with an eye for detail. Here lies
the inspiration behind my brand: it’s all about the details, down the very last centimeter.

Made to be layered…is that still your brand’s positioning?
S.F. / Beyond my emphasis on layering, I design pieces to give women a certain sense of beauty and a feeling of wellbeing.
I love lingerie and fashion, so I wanted to make something that’s in-between the two; despite what’s currently on the market, in my view, there was something more luxurious missing in terms of a layering silhouette. I try to innovate to enhance pieces that are made to be shown off and not just designed to fulfill a primary, basic function. I cover the elastics with fabric so that they can be beautifully revealed.
My briefs are, again, very simple, but the bras are very detailed and elaborate. You can wear them with a see-through shirt or simply with a plunging or open neckline. The idea is to add a refined touch to a truly
simple look. Lingerie has this power to be a sophisticated accessory.

Can it be said that you make RTW lingerie? “Readyto-show” lingerie?
S.F. / Offering a variety of cup sizes wasn’t possible with my limited budget, so I chose to go with ready-to-wear sizes: XS/S/M/L. I work with an expert in size conversion, and, for the time being, I have only had positive feedback. My production is deliberately limited to a certain number of pieces so that it remains a unique brand both in its offer and in the luxuriousness of its products. Silk remains an essential, classic fabric that gives my pieces a timeless dimension. Organic cotton is also sustainable: I use fabrics that are handmade in small factories. I’ve also started to dye my fabrics with natural pigments.
At the same time, I work on a lot of bodysuits, including my body-shirt, which is like a top: a silk shirt with small pearl buttons. It’s very pure and truly classy, so Parisian. It’s perfect to wear with jeans, a lovely skirt,
or open over a pretty bra. It’s quite symbolic of my brand: luxurious but affordable.

What are you looking to achieve at SIL 2019?
S.F. / I’m so happy to have been selected for the Exposed space.
Over the past year, I’ve been doing everything alone from Bali, and it’s not that easy. It’s actually quite challenging to grow a brand from behind a computer screen when one isn’t a marketing pro. And, of course, my lingerie isn’t the sort of product that can be purchased online. For me, lingerie is a whole experience related to texture, so I simply couldn’t buy it online without seeing it in-store first. Exhibiting at the Salon de la Lingerie gives me the chance to encourage boutiques to sell my brand, knowing that the concept is not to sell in the largest number of shops, but rather to focus on high-quality boutiques. It’s about growing my
brand, but in a reasonable manner.

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