19 January 2018

As a world leader in events for the lingerie, swimwear, and activewear industries, Eurovet pursues its mission to connect professionals worldwide by launching its new digital, yearly contact platform: The Lingerie Place.

Eurovet positions itself as the business connector and accelerator for the entire industry, from fibers to suppliers of fabric, brands, and retailers from the world over. From new sales lead generation, to the provision of new, always cutting-edge content, and the launch of global trends, Eurovet’s vocation is to assist show exhibitors to position themselves on the global market, develop their reputation, and sell more, but also to provide visitors with platforms for new professional encounters and quality shows, as well as pertinent information on the market, for optimum purchasing decisions.

In a world undergoing massive digital shifts, Eurovet is on the move and completes its informational and contact establishment system with an online presence, offering professionals a way to maintain and build contacts all year long, as a complement to major, can’t-miss industry events.



On just one search engine, starting in January 2018, you’ll find, for the first time ever, the entire worldwide supply of lingerie, swimwear, and activewear.

The platform brings together all the exhibitors presented at all Eurovet’s shows throughout the world, allowing buyers, journalists, influencers, and, more generally, the entire bodyfashion community, to find any type of product, discover potential partner companies, and connect with them with just one click, all year long.

Each brand and supplier will have its own landing page or mini-site, which will showcase its identity, allow you to discover their selection and find out which show they exhibit at, request a meeting, and outside of show periods, get in touch with a manager from the company.

An editorial platform featuring fashion news and market information will complete the system.

For buyers, access to the platform will be free of charge, and will require authentication before contacts can be made.

For exhibitors, listing on the site will be included in their show package and will be valid for 1 year.


Today, THE LINGERIE PLACE already lists nearly 1000 brands and 450 suppliers of fabric and textile accessories from 45 countries.

The platform will also allow for the gathering of ultra-qualified data on the industry and on the profiles and areas of interest of various industry stakeholders. In practice, it also seeks to reach the end consumer constantly in search of newness and quality information about lingerie, swimsuits, or activewear…with an eye to eventually putting in touch brands and consumers…To be continued…



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