17 December 2021

By Zuzanna Kuczyńska

Founded in 2013 by polish designer Zuzanna Kuczyńska, this brand offers collections that mix minimalism and sensuality, with its structured and see-through effects. its founder talks to us about her interpretation of celebration.

What will it be like to go out in this post-covid era?

We don’t hug or kiss each other like before. But, on the other hand, we have a greater appreciation for going out and being with others. What we used to consider a given, like partying or just going out for dinner, now seems like something special and truly celebratory!

What is lingerie’s place in this new celebratory wardrobe?

Sometimes, it gives you a boost of confidence, and other times, it’s just beautiful to look at. Our approach has significantly changed these past few years. On the fashion runways, and on the streets, we see that lingerie is an integral part of an outfit. It’s no longer just simple pieces on the one hand, and ultra-sexy ones on the other, for special occasions. Now, we’re focused on something that’s special, yet is easy to wear for everyday life.

Is underwear becoming visible on the streets once again, as we’ve seen a lot on the fashion runways?

We’re increasingly showing off our lingerie, which is a sign that we feel more comfortable with our bodies and that we accept them as they are. I can see this on social media, where I pay close attention to the numerous ways that clients make pieces their own. A bra worn under a blazer is no longer shocking, especially since designers like Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent are including increasing amounts of lingerie in their collections. This is one way to be sexy, but, in the end, it’s not so much about clothing. What really counts is being yourself and having confidence in yourself.

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