17 December 2021

By Joanna Kolodziejczak

In 2018, Joanna Kołodziejczak launched this brand, fascinated as she was with utilitarian design and functional materials like merino wool and calais lace for her winter collections, and micromodal and silk for summer. She tells us how her lingerie can be worn either inside or out.

What role does lingerie play in this new sexy, ultra-confident silhouette?

Nothing is sexier than self-confidence. And lingerie can, precisely, make you feel good in several ways: It can keep you warm and keep you looking slim and confident for yourself and in the eyes of others. This is an essential point in our collections because we have always considered the sexy side to be as important as the functional side, as reflected in our slogan #warmisthenewsexy. I’ve always been fascinated by useful materials, natural fibers, smart fabrics and the way they can make our lives better. Our warm underwear has gotten me to love winter!

How has lingerie changed over the past few years?

We’re now seeing the arrival on scene of several independent brands that offer new types of products. This provides a fantastic opportunity to find the right lingerie for any occasion, such as athleisure and basics for working from home, including wire-free bras, and then, these see-through pieces or bodysuits that are inspired by erotic lingerie yet are supremely comfortable.

Is underwear emerging to show itself more confidently on the streets?

This has always been the case for our products, mainly because our merino wool pieces with their thermal properties can also be worn outside; it all depends how they’re accessorized. Bras worn as tops have remained a major trend over the past two seasons. The same goes for lace nighties and camisoles designed as nightwear, but which are now worn in the daytime under a blazer or cardigan. Our merino wool and Calais lace pieces are selling like hotcakes. Our products are at a higher price point, but they’re multifunctional, so this is a great selling point!

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