Luxury lingerie trends to look out for this year

14 March 2022

Each year, creatives across the lingerie industry come out with new innovations to push the market further. Here is a look at the top lingerie trends for 2022 and beyond.

Comfort is key: one of the most important lingerie trends

A key trend that designers and buyers should be aware of is the importance of comfort. After all, just because a piece is chic and sexy does not mean it cannot be comfortable too. Many top brands have prioritised comfort as part of their design philosophy, with warm reception from their consumers.

Speaking with Who What Wear, Womanhood head buyer Ella Brewer said “one thing I would hope for in 2022 is that women and brands would see that comfort and sexy aren’t at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to lingerie”. She went on to note that the “rise of mesh lingerie is showing that women and brands are realising this. Day-to-night dressing is something you can do with your work clothes but also with your underwear”.

Comfort is not just crucial for everyday lingerie buyers, but also for high-fashion clientele. In the last fashion season, we saw a big increase in customers searching for more natural fabrics and organic cotton. It is clear that many consumers are not open to trading comfort for style, when they are options that offer both. “The trend for non-wired support continues to grow in popularity and is no longer restricted to smaller busts—we’re seeing bralette styles for all”, said Nudea CEO and founder Priya Downes.

ekcentrik lingerie trends

More and more brands are experimenting with colour in their designs and products, one of the more exciting lingerie trends. (Photo: Ekcenrik)

A touch of colour

More and more brands are experimenting with colour in their designs and products, one of the more exciting lingerie trends. Ekcentrik is one company that has lived up to its name by making bold designs and colour schemes a cornerstone of the brand. Among the inspirations for the brand’s bright designs are “the electricity of neon lights of our hometown city”.

“Customers are looking to be more experimental with their colour choices and looking for colours you can’t typically find everywhere”, says head buyer Ella Brewer. “The classic look you would typically expect from lingerie has gone out the window—people want to be dressing for themselves these days, in comfortable, experimental, different and unique choices”.

Estelle Puleston of Etsy Lingerie concurs, explaining that “we’ll see significantly more of the other primary and secondary colours in all their ultra-saturated or even neon glory”. With bad news amid uncertain times, perhaps what we can all use right now is a splash of colour.

Back to the future

The past has always served as an inspiration for creatives in the fashion industry, and the lingerie market is no different. However, we may see more and more retro silhouettes throughout 2022 and the years to come. Design concepts such as the “reinvented classic” have apparently proved popular with current customers. For example, a bra that could fit into a classic silhouette while being made of an interesting new fabric or featuring a dynamic design detail.

“We’re also seeing more customers opt for knicker shapes that offer something a bit different to the usual low-rise bikini shape. High-waist knickers and thongs are really a resurgence, for example, as we’ve never seen such a strong popularity for these shapes”, revealed Dora Larsen founder Georgia Larsen. “It definitely feels like knickers aren’t an afterthought anymore—people are specifically looking for a set that either offers a really cool, ’80s-cut high-leg thong, or a 1950s-style silhouette from a high-waist knicker”.