30 October 2019

100% inclusive and sustainable fashion

Our aim is to encourage a renewed sense of purpose in our industry and promote the ethical and ecological initiatives which are paving the way towards a new form of consumption.

While distancing ourselves from outdated stereotypes, we believe in women’s diversity and integrity. In their freedom. The range of products featured at the show will be inclusive. Fabrics and collections which demonstrate that fashion can be both sustainable and aspirational for intimates that embrace individuality and diversity, designed to suit each and every personality.

Fabrics and collections which are working towards more sustainable fashion. A key commitment which we’ll highlight through a dedicated show space, as well as our promise to reduce non-recyclable and single-use consumables and adopt more sustainable strategies to cut down on waste.

We’re working to promote fairness and solidarity, moving closer to our shared vision: a total commitment to this amazing lingerie industry.

Find out about our spokesmodels, ordinary women like you and me, who bring meaning and authenticity to our work.








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