Meet up with Vanessa CAUSSE

26 August 2020

Every Wednesday, we have offered you the opportunity to discover :


Live interviews with the most influential brands in Swimwear and with renowned designers and stylists, to envision the future of the industry: How do we prepare for re-opening? How can we be truly attentive to shifts and interpret them within our design and manufacturing ecosystems? How can we reconsider our priorities? How can we reinvent ourselves?


If you missed these live, you can find them in replay now!


#1 Rethink priorities, learn from this crisis. Interviews with Victoire Flochel, founder of Azar and Marion Rocher founder of Simplement Lingerie.

#2 Will lougewear take more space in consumers’ expectations after this crisis? Interviews with Grégoire Chalumet, Le Chat lingerie and Jina Luciani, founder of Occidente.

#3 How do swimwear brands plan their collections and market recovery? Interviews with Emmanuelle Cardosi from Cardo Paris and Georges Vicidomini from DnuD Paris

#4 How does the swimwear market restarts ? Are the clients attending the rendez-vous? – Interviews with Alexandra Thilgès, founder of Anja Paris and Justine Armstrong, marketing manager at Banana Moon.

#5 Consumer rendezvous: They invest their shopping power in products of pleasure, creativity and commitment. New expectations, understanding the market demand in order to be able to adapt. Interviews with Chrystelle and Céline.

#6 Focus Green. Is this market going to be expanding fast after the crisis? Interviews with Pascale Larere of Germaine des Près and Margot Dargegen of Nénés Paris.

#7 As Fashion changes status to be a means of engagement and pleasure, how to reinvent the body-lingerie relationship? Interview with Marine Dufour, freelance stylist and model maker.

#8 How can plus sizes benefit from effective support and fashion lines? Interview with Sophie KNIS, Marketing and Communications Manager at Wacoal and Elomi

#9 How do you build your brand sourcing to offer a shopping experience that complements each other? Interview with Sandrine Piergigli, Co-creator and Art Director at Calarena

#10 How does a historic boutique follow the generations with a specialized offer? Mademoiselle Claverie (Paris)