4 April 2019

Lingerie comes alive with color!

This season is marked by the influx of nude tones, for natural collections that we find at Skarlett Blue, Lejaby, Just a corpse, Nubian Skin, About, and Le journal intime, among others.

Navy blue and burgundy are the key colors for winter that easily mix with all skin tones; Hanro commits to these warm tones with elegance. Color is gradually gaining ground, refreshing black and white to come up with new combinations: Dora Larsen reflects this phenomenon through their meticulous design and colorful lace. Lingerie industry players are increasingly active on social media, proclaiming an entire aesthetic around a brand and offering a more inventive, creative type of femininity.
The visual aspect is now, of course, a leading factor in brand communication. This is why color has become a powerful communications tool.
Color underlines, lends proportion to shape, outlines the cut of a garment, and enlivens prints, revealing the lines of the body. Beyond its beautifying aspect, color symbolizes an entire universe infused with femininity.
Löv offers bodywear collections full of color, with warm tones that meld together to cover the body and add texture to soft, comfortable fabrics. Like a developer in photography, color reveals the essential nature of materials as much as it does the feminine form.
And let’s not forget that fashion is the star of online shopping! We can thus consider all the tools that may be useful to segment products and to guide purchases and the customer’s eye amid the avalanche of products on the market!
70% of collections are comprised of basics, with the remaining 30% offering trendy items, influenced by the desires of the moment – prints and colors that offer a new look to a brand. These 30% are the gateway to discovery for many consumers, helping them find new brands in the marketplace. Color, therefore, draws us in, but, more than anything, it keeps us up to date! It adds newness and creativity within relatively neutral collections (Lonely, Silent Arrow, Myla), and Black
Limba refreshes tulle and lace with a palette of fresh, truly tangy, colors that contrast with skin tones, thus enhancing their products.
Chantal Thomass has understood clients’ enthusiasm for color, and brilliantly, resolutely breaks with its signature pink and black, for a real punk look! Color here embodies energy and commitment and creates a powerful identity, for femininity that is in sync with the times.
Let us remember that color first revolutionized the world of make-up, creating improbable palettes of blues, greens, and metallics, for crafted beauty. The influence that we can see at Voiment and Milakrasna, is, here, with a few subtle differences, the very same!
Lingerie forges strong links with beauty, and this desire to build the architecture of the body, like makeup, with color, can reveal all the beauty of radiant faces.

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