Monica Campri Beach Couture, bringing refined and elegant to swimwear

21 February 2022

The proof is in the pudding for Monica Campri who has been putting her knowhow towards designing and making swimwear; wearing a swimsuit is one of the most revealing occasions where people often feel exposed and vulnerable. The swimsuit does not cover up, it reveals. Yet people, including producers and consumers, do not treat these small but important items of clothing in the same way as others.


Born in Parme but of Romanian origin, the designer has decided to remedy the situation. In 2017, driven by her deep convictions, she started a brand based on her own concept of “beach couture” and has therefore become the first company to promote this notion. With a clear objective in mind – to reinvent swimwear, she designs swimwear to look like couture clothing, combining her sharp sense of aesthetic and attention to detail.


Each item developed by Monica Campri is entirely made in Italy using the highest level of couture, with an unprecedented attention to detail, suited to all trends, seasons and occasions. The brand rests on four pillars: being perfectly adjustable, quality craftsmanship, exclusive and versatile pieces designed for few women, for all occasions at any time of day.