Monica Campri reveals all on her latest beach couture collection which gives that ‘new’ feeling with every wear

27 May 2022

An exclusive interview with Monica Campri, founder of Monica Campri beach couture

Monica Campri, tell us a few words about the enthusiasm you feel being present at the show after 2 years of absence

We are very excited to be part of this trade show. In these years of “silence”, the lives of all of us and the way we buy and see things have changed. Furthermore, the strong limitations of the pandemic have hit the fashion sector. As a swimwear brand, we are also part of the luxury travel market which has suffered from this even more.

This motivated us to develop a collection that wasn’t just limited to holidays and that people could exploit in multiple contexts. For this reason, after two years of waiting, we can’t wait to be able to exhibit it and see the results, to start again at full capacity and open up to new possibilities.

Monica Campri swimwear

Credit: Monica Campri

 What type of products are you going to present?

Swimwear as if they were tailor made suits. This is what the swimsuits that we will bring to SIL are like. Proudly “Made In Italy” in all respects, they are the result of constant care that does not allow for compromises between style and wearability. Exclusive, refined and versatile, our garments meet high quality standards and stand out for their personality and elegance. They will make the customer feel “dressed” even when she is less so than on all other occasions.

Monica Campri swimwear

Credit: Monica Campri

Do you have any announcements to share with the community?

With the new collection, do not expect “only” swimwear with excellent manufacturing and aesthetics. Instead, expect garments that adapt to the most disparate physicality, cultural contexts and occasions.

We want to raise our concept of beach couture to the nth degree, bringing a garment that has always been relegated to holiday areas out of the water and into our everyday lives. If this idea has always been inherent in our projects and thoughts, the pandemic and the growing awareness of respect for the environment have stimulated us to realise it. Becoming more aware of how many useless and impersonal garments we had in the wardrobe, rather than having a few with which you can build your own style has prompted us to develop a product that gives the feeling of having a new one every time.

Credit: Monica Campri

Credit: Monica Campri

How important is a trade show like SIL for your business?

Until now we had chosen to sell directly but from this year, we want to open up to new paths and expand our audience. For this reason, a trade show like SIL is fundamental, giving us the opportunity to create and get to know a network of contacts who are potentially interested and interesting.

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