MYMARINI make ethical swimwear with a purpose

3 May 2022

The brand produces elegant swimwear and ready-to-wear collections that are ethical too.

A lot can happen in ten years, just ask the team at MYMARNI. Founder and designer Mareen Burk decided to take time off from her professional life in 2012, deciding to travel and dedicate her life to surfing. However, in searching for stylish yet ethical swimwear, Burk came up short. One year later, she founded MYMARINI, and since then the brand has become a bold name in the world of surf and swimwear.

Elegant yet ethical products

MYMARINI produces a range of elegant yet ethical products, from swimwear and ready-to-wear collections to beach essentials and chic accessories. New Summer is one of the brand’s signature collections, reflecting the MYMARINI lifestyle with bright colour palettes and innovative designs, which are notably all reversible. Naturally, all products in the New Summer collection are certified as groundwater neutral by Klimapatenschaft GmbH.

Pieces like the Wavecatcher would not look out of place in some kind of sci-fi set, with futuristic designs that match the ocean waves. The reversible item has long arms to protect from the sun or jellyfish, and is chlorine and saltwater resistant. The material of choice is 82% polyamide (ECONYL®, regenerated nylon) and 18% elastane. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from nylon waste, like fishing nets, carpets, and industrial plastic.

Meanwhile, pieces like the Sufshirt come in a cropped style, which keeps the wearer covered while surfing or swimming. The item can also be worn in different environments, such as a yoga session. Ready-to-wear lines like the Beach House Collection have more muted colours, with tasteful items such as the Seaside Jacket, a loose fitting white fabric piece which is ideal for windy weather.

How MYMARINI stays ethical and sustainable

There are many ways in which the company attempts to stay environmentally and socially ethical. The company says it was created to make a difference, with a responsibility to help shape the fashion industry in a sustainable way. “If you’re happy with your own life, you can do good for others and the planet”, says Mareen Burk.

Close relationships with suppliers are preserved to guarantee fair working conditions are standard. “We believe that people can achieve a sustainable lifestyle if they have enough time for themselves, their family, friends, and others around them”, the company says.

The company guarantees fair pay and high standard working conditions, with production centres around Europe that can be regularly visited. Pieces are designed in Hamburg, from the company headquarters, and produced by partners in Portugal and Croatia. The company says it is always innovating to guarantee sustainable development for the company, from plastic-free packaging to paperless accounting.

mymarini ethical

There are many ways in which the company attempts to stay environmentally and socially ethical. (Photo: MYMARINI)

MYMARINI’s ambitions to become circular

The company claims that it is exploring the possibility of becoming circular. What does that mean? Experimenting with new materials to guarantee its fabrics are fully recyclable, which is not yet possible. However, there is a return system in production, with recycling options for cotton collection and swimwear design that is apparently circular already.

Earlier in April 2022, the company planted 165 trees as part of a restoration project for a local forest. This was described as the “first step on our journey towards our stated goal of becoming groundwater neutral”.

The company claims it will plant 30,000 trees by 2023, creating a “MYMARINI” forest. It is said that 30,000 trees is equal to around six million litres of groundwater per year. Around 90$ of the company’s collections are certified groundwater-neutral, with the amount of water being used decreasing year-on-year.

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