Perdième lingerie reveals its range of travel and nature inspired menstrual panties.

15 June 2022

Perdième is a French eco-friendly brand which proposes an exclusive range of menstrual panties, menstrual beachwear and matching bras, as described by its creator.

Founder and general manager Flore Morchoisne spoke about what differentiates Perdième from other lingerie brands in an exclusive interview with SIL.

The boutique was created two years ago by Jennifer Dominguez and myself, boasting outstanding quality, exclusive patterns and an elegant, Parisian style.


Perdième general manager Flore Morchoisne

Perdième General Manager, Flore Morchoisne

Tell us a few words on the enthusiasm you feel about your presence at the show after 2 years of absence

We haven’t had the chance to attend the salon International de la Lingerie yet as it has been cancelled for 2 years.

As a period underwear brand, we are very much looking forward to attending the SIL as it is a not to be missed event in our sector.

What type of products is Perdième going to present?

We will introduce our range of patterned menstrual panties with their matching bras. We have 6 different patterns inspired by travel and nature and created by International female designers exclusively for us.

This range is declined in 2 forms, one panties that absorbs up to 3 tampons and one shorty absorbing up to 5 tampons of menstruation. We will be glad to show as well our new menstrual beachwear designed with 2 of our best-seller patterns Macao and Taipei.

Do you have an exclusivity to share to the community?

During the 2022 Salon International de la Lingerie, Perdième will be launching its brand new range of menstrual and non menstrual premium lace range. A precious lace, inspired by nature, with feminine cut, that will empower every women wearing it.

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