5 April 2019

Like a virtual showroom, Instagram has become a real source of inspiration for brands. Excited by the self-acceptance now proudly displayed online, they have come up with digital campaigns that put women centre stage in a gentle and reassuring space. With new settings, new positions and new emotions… a movement of freedom has emerged, for a fresh approach to femininity and seduction.

Instagrammable underwear is edgy, colourful and graphic, it’s a photogenic lingerie, made to be shared. Lace, for example, has very marked floral motifs that ensure definite visibility. The motif is not a detail, it is the essence of the piece.
As true ambassadors of style, influencers are a source of inspiration, partnering with brands and showcasing the lingerie. Each with their own identity, they display the pieces they love in outfits designed for real life. Underwear is revealed with subtlety, shown off with audacity, and adapted as desired. Now a precious ally for creating a timeless look, and always in style, lingerie inspires the moment.


LINA x MUSE / 105k followers
Before you had to hide your lingerie. But now, I can easily leave the lace of a black bra showing through a white blouse. I think it looks pretty, like the bodies that I use as tops, teamed with a small leather skirt, for example, or with a tailored suit for going out at night. It’s very elegant. I also wear silk nighties with trainers or even a T-shirt, turning underwear into outerwear. Without ever being vulgar, I play with every trend, especially during Fashion Week where I allow myself to experiment freely.
The reality is, this trend isn’t really new: Madonna would often show her bra in the 80s, but it was somewhat taboo. And it was Madonna. Now, everyone can have a go, current trends allow it. Maybe because we’ve seen so many influencers showing their lingerie. Brands have also joined in, with their look-books showing underwear in everyday settings. It has definitely become more widespread. I’m not afraid to mix colours, while always trying to maintain a consistent look. I love mixing different materials and styles. Every day, I dress differently, with no one specific style, it depends on where I am, where I’m going. I find it fun to share my different inspirations and always surprise my followers, who never know what to expect with me. They can’t love everything, or wear everything, but they appreciate that I dare to show different things
and that includes my lingerie.



MADE BY F. / 114k followers
As an ambassador for the brand Intimissimi, I regularly share photos of my lingerie. Sometimes I am specifically asked to subtly show it under my clothes because it’s another way of highlighting the piece. It’s not just about showing your pants, but about incorporating it into a ready-to-wear outfit. Although you can sometimes get criticised for revealing your lingerie, for me it’s a way of liberating us as women. There are lots of limitations on what we can or cannot show. I find it helpful and important to take liberties. With subtlety, of course, otherwise it can easily become vulgar. I feel I have an interesting approach, and one that’s always well received by my subscribers.
Before being a lingerie ambassador, I was already showing my underwear. For example, when I wear a white top, I have no problem putting on a black bra as long as it looks good, like a beautiful lace bra. I like that it can be seen: it’s a pity to have pretty garments and not be able to show them. It’s very frustrating. I think that above all a woman buys her lingerie for herself and not necessarily for her partner or spouse. With a new more fashionable aesthetic, lingerie is no longer being hidden away: we try to show it off in an elegant and subtle manner, like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City all those years ago. A classic!

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