First look at Pierre Mantoux and Carine Roitfeld’s new collection linking power, strength and femininity

21 June 2022

The Carine Roitfeld for Pierre Mantoux Capsule Collection is due to launch in September 2022, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Italian brand.

For more than nine decades, Pierre Mantoux has cemented itself as a pillar within the hosiery industry making women feel sexy, powerful and confident.

The fashion house is releasing a new range of tights designed to be elegant, charming, seductive yet refined.

World renowned fashion editor and CR founder Carine Roitfeld has partnered with Pierre Mantoux, marking its first ever collaboration as a brand and its expansion into the fashion market.

Teaser images released on Tuesday show a series of six self portraits captured by Rory Van Millingen, a frequent collaborator of Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book.

“By linking the notions of power and strength to femininity, the images show a woman who takes full control of her narrative,” Roitfeld said.

“My greatest desire with this collection is that the women wearing these tights can feel both sexy and powerful simultaneously. Because you must first seduce yourself.”

The partnership will debut in September shining light on the importance of women’s empowerment, the perfect balance between a seducing female intellect and the power to be attractive by wearing a pair of tights – the right tights – for all occasions.

Even the packaging has been designed with the 90th anniversary and the collaboration’s visual identity in mind.

The matte coffret shows a polished picture of the product as if it were a Polaroid picture in a frame.

Pierre Mantoux shares its values with Carine Roitfeld, a woman who has climbed up the heights of the fashion system and imposed herself as a press and digital visionary genius.

This includes her ten years as editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris until she decided to branch out on her own in 2011.

Her creativity soared to new heights with the launch of CR Fashion Book in 2012 and later, in 2019 with the surprise launch of her lifestyle brand and its debut ‘7 Lovers’ perfume collection.

“My greatest desire with this collection is that the women wearing these tights can feel both sexy and powerful simultaneously”

Now, Carine Roitfeld and Pierre Mantoux’s avant-garde vision represents the message which the brand wants to convey to its customers on such a significant anniversary.

“I have always shared the meaning of true elegance with Carine,” said owner of Pierre Mantoux Patrizia Giangrossi.

“Now she has designed a collection that translates the safety a garment can convey when it leaves no room for imperfections, fits perfectly, and realizes the dream of wearing highly technological items.

“Carine has shown her desire to realize sexy, elegant, timeless female items, and I supported her, contributing with the most sophisticated dynamic yarns and their softly enveloping characteristics.

“We both believe that this collection will be much appreciated for its metropolitan push during the day and its soft fascination in the evening.”

The exclusive Carine Roitfeld for Pierre Mantoux capsule collection will be available at select retailers internationally this autumn.