8 December 2021

Live – Podcast

Live during the show is all the activities we offer you to enjoy a unique experience at the show.

Live – Podcast
What could be more enjoyable than listening to a podcast live?

Live this experience on the show floor. 2 podcast sessions per day on the subject of the body in live with guests, influencers and influential brands from the market.
Where will you be?

On the trends forum


every day at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm
Hosted by Mathilde Loubéry, Im-Perfection

“I am Mathilde Loubéry, personal stylist and podcaster. My mission? To celebrate women by giving them the keys to have fun with their style. Every other Tuesday, a guest confides in me about the event that has had the biggest impact on her way of dressing.

My fixation with the perfect body was initially the subject of my final year dissertation. The subject? The reign of size 36 and its impact on the relationship to the body. Since 2016, I am convinced that body positivity must become the norm, and that in the valorisation of plural beauties, clothes all have their role to play. I decided to make it my job.
After 3 years of development, hundreds of clients and collaboration with a dozen brands, my ambition is clear: to create the first online platform for image advice.”

Mathilde has been collaborating with the Salon de la Lingerie for 2 sessions already, to gather the word of women, to offer an open-mindedness on our relationship to the body and to the image. Once again we trust her human and light approach to gather nourishing exchanges with the actors of the market.