Rilke, a Polish lingerie brand, bets it all on organic cotton and floral patterns for a blooming summer collection

19 May 2022

Polish lingerie brand Rilke is focusing even more on natural fabrics with its latest collection, crafted with GOTS-certified cotton.

With its Bloom collection, Rilke introduced the eco-friendly material, while playing with pastel colours, delicate lines, and soft touch.

Celebrated as a fun and playful addition to its existing range of fabrics, the organic cotton gives the collection even more softness and a pleasant, home-y feel.

Rilke also uses high quality Italian silk, Roica elastane and polyamide, oak cellulose-based Tencel Modal and dead-stock lace.

This season, the boutique has chosen flowers as the main motif for its undergarments which are printed with ecological water-based inks.

Designer and brand creator Rilla Pawlaczyk said: “Flowers are the main motif of our prints, as they are the silent companion to our everyday lives.

“They bring colours, revive and sensitise – we want our lingerie to be a similar gentle companion.”

Rilke is named after Ms Pawlaczyk who grew up in a family of fabric importers including her mum who had her own line of lingerie.

During her graduation year at The Arts Academy in Poland, she decided to launch a lingerie brand where sensuality and comfort go hand in hand. She was inspired by the ambitious and creative women from her generation, who wanted to be sexy on their own terms.

Now the Polish company is continuing with their ever-lasting attempt to become even more sustainable and responsible brand, with respect for the environment.