How sloungewear is revolutionising on-trend clothing

25 November 2022

Following on from the outdoor pyjama look and the loungewear lockdown boom, sloungewear is the new kid on the block in the world of fashion

Sloungewear: the combination of sleepwear, active and loungewear. One of the latest clothing trends to emerge post pandemic. Influenced by the normcore unisex fashion trend.

Loungewear is fast becoming lifewear as more consumers look for comfortable yet stylish clothing. Lingerie houses are widening their offerings to satiate growing demand under the new trend. From wool blend blanket coats to drop crotch trousers and hoodies, this mix of styles starts with design while refusing to compromise on comfort.

Baggy tees, comfy jumpers, oversized knits, jogging bottoms and soft matching tracksuits are all key players under the trend.

The pyjama look has been a popular daywear design for some time, paving the way for fashion designers to create hybrid styles that are taking the market by storm. Sloungewear is one of the latest products to emerge from this crossover sector, featuring comfortable garments that are on trend and combine leisurewear with nightwear.

Brands such as Skiny are embracing the trend with the introduction of a dedicated sloungewear filter on its website. Garments include sweatshirts, loose fitting tees, and hoodies featuring a brushed cotton interior for extra comfort. Shorts, pants and briefs are also available, made with soft quality cotton.

A spokesperson said: “Simple, casual, versatile and fitting for any time of day or night. That’s what the modern man expects of his leisure-wear, and that’s exactly what Skiny Sloungewear offers – a combination of sleep/lounge and sports/street wear.”

The Austrian brand promotes body confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

With winter approaching, sloungewear is being touted as one of the biggest trends this season. The luxe lounge scene is all about staying cosy, with many consumers placing more importance on relaxation and wellbeing practices. It could be the closest fashion has come to prioritising comfort…

Sloungewear is suitable for all body types, with a loose fit and oversized shapes. For every day wear, jogging bottoms can be matched with hoodies or crop tops and dropped armhole vests for those wanting to show off their body shape.

Another popular choice when it comes to sloungewear is Aruelle with its chic bathrobes, pyjamas and cosy clothing range. The Lithuania brand prides itself on following the latest trends using the highest quality of fabrics and designed for the modern woman. It’s Madeleine too and bottoms set is soft, elegant and slightly sexy, featuring pockets and an elasticated waist, made from 57% cotton. Its Alexis set is also ideal for indoor and outdoor wear, also coming as a two piece including a hooded sweater with drawstrings, made of soft and shiny velour fabric.

Calida is also known for its fantastic homewear including an impressive catalogue of slounge T-shirts, jumpers and blouses, shorts, trousers and leggings. Its chic long sleeved tops are soft and long lasting, with low necklines. While it’s lounge jacket is what you get when you cross the best features of a bathrobe with fleecy, versatile fibres and a cool homewear style. Dubbed the home hub jacket, it slips on and ties up giving a cosy feel. Wonderfully uncomplicated, the fresh lounge garment is the perfect alternative to a pullover or hoodie.