Spotlight on italian lingerie

4 February 2021

ITA-Italian Trade Agency is a government agency, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that supports Italian companies internationally with the aim of promoting the excellence of «Made in Italy» in the world.
The partnership with Lingerie Connect is a unique opportunity to showcase Italian lingerie in all its variations : corsetterie, day and night lingerie, homewear, footwear, expressions of a culture and creativity that flow from Italy’s artistic and natural heritage.
The current period requires us to find new means of communication. Italy’s participation in the Lingerie Connect virtual fair is an example. We can continue to promote excellence and maintain contact with buyers around the world through these new communication tools.
Our designers and brands, emanating from a rich and varied tradition of craftsmanship, continue to fascinate the whole world. The synergistic relationship between design and manufacturing quality gives a unique character to Italian products that stand out for their originality and refined aesthetics. Thanks to its flexibility, the national production system does not set limits to the imagination and audacity of the creatives who can thus transform their inventiveness into products designed for their beauty as well as for their functionality.
Benedetta Danieli
Beach Vibes
Caterina D
CIB Cotton Club Filifolli
Artimaglia Frida Querida Firenze Lisanza
Ritratti Milano
Verdiani Vivarah Vivis Milano
Italian Trade Agency
ITA – Italian Trade Agency



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