Salon International de la Lingerie


12 April 2019

Though bralettes have freed themselves from pattern modeling, launching an innovative trend, they are not able to satisfy all bustlines in their desire for a modern spirit. For these women who prefer support, it is essential to return to structure, but with greater creativity in terms of shape. The lingerie industry needs to move further into this creative terrain to satisfy all women, and design is clearly the common thread in this need to bring in new proportions with new shades of color.
Patternmakers always construct their models around well-defined shapes: today, for them, it’s about exploring by mixing materials, looks, structured shapes, and effects, even coatings, to highlight the shape of breasts while adding unprecedented suppleness and unique comfort.

The appearance of bralettes that we like at Myla, Lonely, Understatement, and more, have revolutionized bras, envisioning lightweight pieces for small busts, with more fashion, more fun, and no need for support-related constraints. To this trend for hybrid products that are somewhere between fashion and lingerie items, technicians have dared to add shapes, colors, lace, and strapping, seeing these products as fashion accessories for stylish silhouettes, proclaiming a much bolder, more socially engaged feminine spirit.
These new ways to shape and model lingerie have opened the way to experimentation and more mad fun! This is why design has become the main focus in collections, to create new shapes. The Silent Arrow brand thus dares to create an ultra-design-oriented maternity bra, with no need to hide its function, because commitment and sensual allure are part and parcel of the new feminine spirit so beloved of this brand. Motherhood can now be synonymous with generous beauty, due to the new design of these products. As a vast and dynamic industry, lingerie is innovating. It is also fertile ground for mixing materials and modeling shapes creatively, allowing itself something extra. Like accessories, lingerie can specify a use, fastenings, and the positioning of straps, as we see with the Bordelle brand.
Their collection oscillates between lingerie and sporty accessories, through an aesthetic that is truly new. Their work on design is the common thread that runs through this clearly structured and sculpted collection, crafted to make bodies even more beautiful.
Brands have, of course, also understood that their communication happens essentially through social media, and, therefore, through a need for powerful visual identity. Elisa Poppy sculpts silhouettes, using design to revolutionize shapes and patterns, as the very finest materials are often crafted. Its collections are coated, and the cups are deconstructed to reflect marbled effects.
Energizing the cut of a garment and marking out shapes: such are the many essential elements to effective visual communication.
At a time when customization has become more accessible (My Tailors & Co, Germain sur mesure, 1083…), it has also become more attractive because it guarantees good value for money, close to our personal identity and comfort! The lingerie industry must add a proper dose of modernity to its venerable expertise, and, especially, to its view on women, to position this sector ever closer to consumer needs. They are now ultra-informed about the marketplace and are at the very heart of this type of personalization; they have an overall sense of the market. Design through 3-D modeling offered by brands such as La Redoute, Habitat, and made. com are sharpening consumers’ eye on products, leading them to make even more cutting-edge choices, considering themselves stylists in designing their own Nike sneakers online!

God Save Queens

E.L.F Zhou London

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