Swedish Stockings collaborates with danish fashion brand Ganni

7 January 2020

Stockholm/January 2019 – Two Scandinavian brands have joined forces to create an exclusive collection of fashion-forward, high quality stockings made from recycled nylon yarn which will be available this September via Swedish Stockings’ and GANNI’s own retail and select wholesale retailers. The eco-friendly stockings support GANNI’s honest and transparent standpoint on sustainability and unites with Swedish Stocking’s commitment to the planet, in being the first-ever sustainable hosiery brand.

The bold designs feature eye-catching prints ranging from a classic GANNI leopard print, checks, and florals to warped camouflage. The vivid designs will be playful additions to
styling when mixing and matching outfits.
For Swedish Stockings, spreading their mission is a key part in disrupting the current hosiery industry status quo, which uses environmentally damaging processes to produce hosiery. They are also out on a mission to show that sustainable fashion does not have to mean boring fashion.
“For us this collaboration represents the shift we love to see happen in the fashion industry, to combine fashion and sustainability. Our mission is to educate the customer and change and influence the fashion industry. We are such big fans of GANNI and share many like minded values, we sincerely hope our customers will share our enthusiasm.” — Linn Frisinger, Founder and CEO Swedish Stockings
This partnership began when GANNI Creative Director, Ditte Reffstrup learned the stark truth about the impact regular hosiery industry production has on the environment due to the use
of petroleum.
“I was shocked and had no idea how harmful an effect making regular stockings had on the planet. They’re such a fashion essential, that you reach for every day and so often have to throw away due to wear and tear. So we wanted to shout it loud. Using Swedish Stockings expert eco-friendly dying process, we put a GANNI spin on the everyday with fun, eclectic
prints to bring something a little different to the mix than just your regular black stockings.” — Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI
Prices from 349 DKK / 49 EUROS / 60 USD #GANNIxSwedishStockings

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