11 December 2017

High-energy conferences will present well known top speakers who share their experiences. Here’s an introduction to four of the speakers you don’t want to miss!

The future is his profession, even though
he travels the world with a backpack! Jean-
Christophe Bonis, a modern day adventurer,
is passionate about new technologies. This
speaker, author, nomad, blogger, coach, and
PhD candidate is a tireless traveller who’s
always looking for innovative projects. He’ll
share his vision of tomorrow’s retail.

What is the future of retail in tomorrow’s digital world?
Jean-Christophe Bonis, CEO Oxymore
Sunday 21st of January, 3pm-4pm

With 17 years experience working with global
design agencies on everything from creative
strategy to manufacturing control checks,
Audrey Dardenne has a strong retail culture.
Her focus is on select markets in a range of
sectors such as beauty, spirits, fashion, and
lifestyle in France and around the world. Using
her keen interest in consumers’ socio-cultural
behaviour, she’ll present the new retail trends
from the Prospective 2018 study published by
Agence GrisMarine where she works.

Audrey Dardenne, Gris Marine agency Director
Saturday 20th of January, 4:45pm-5pm


Christina Dean, a former journalist, is today
an advocate for sustainable fashion! She’s the
founder of the nongovernmental organisation
Redress, which since 2007 has been a
leader in Asia for promoting a sustainable
fashion industry. She went on to develop the
EcoChic Design Award, now an important
competition for emerging fashion designers.
This ambassador for the cause travels around
the world redirecting industry and consumer
outlook towards a sustainable fashion reality.
She’ll speak about the major opportunities and
achievements for sustainability in 2018.

The Push and Pull for Sustainable Forward
Christina Dean, Founder Redress
Saturday 20th of January, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Véritable passionnée, cette femme oeuvre
depuis plus de 25 ans pour la Lingerie et la
femme. Son engagement pour le bien-être de
la femme est sans fin ! Fondatrice de l’enseigne
lingerie Linea Intima, elle détient aujourd’hui
5 shops au Canada. Liliana Mann vous fera
découvrir sa nouvelle conception du retail
axée sur les «Millenials». Elle a réussi à séduire
cette nouvelle génération de consommatrices
avec une toute nouvelle segmentation, un
assortiment de produits adaptés et surtout une
nouvelle façon de vendre dans sa boutique
Rêve Rouge…!

Retailing to Millennials
Liliana Mann, Founder Rêve Rouge & Linea intima
Sunday 21st of January, 4:15pm-5pm

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