17 December 2021

By Jakub Mucha

Somewhere between loungewear and ready-to-wear, this high-end brand offers luxurious pajamas and silk kimonos in elaborate prints. Its co-founder jakub mucha explains this innerwear/ outerwear wardrobe concept.

Are we getting back to a celebratory wardrobe post-covid?

People have been traumatized by the pandemic. Today, they want to live more intensely, go out and have fun. The pandemic has been like life in wartime, obviously, but this post-Covid period has some similarities to the boom period of the Roaring Twenties. This is reflected even in fashion, with an upcoming season marked by sequins, bright color, etc., symbolic of a desire to return to life the way it was before. And with the wardrobe to match.

How do you envision your collections, which can be worn at home or out on the town?

During successive lockdowns, people were dressing differently. We committed to offering comfortable loungewear pieces that were also elegant and feminine, in bold styles that featured bright colors and lively prints. By flirting with near-ready-to-wear, our pieces are just as perfect at home as for cocktails with friends. There’s no longer, on the one hand, innerwear, and on the other, ready-to-wear; it’s all connected in a fluid manner. And, increasingly, lingerie brands are designing their collections with this idea in mind.

Is this lingerie mood part of what defines “sexy” today?

These are notions that evolve over time and have been opening up to new ideas in recent times. We’re deconstructing images of the past to create new ways to be feminine, sexy and powerful. This is emerging on fashion runways, as well as on the street, where you can wear things you never would have thought possible just a few years ago. People are no longer afraid of sex appeal and of being comfortable in their skin, and now, they’re dressing up without thinking about what others think. They’re just doing it the way they want to.

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