Zodiaque Studios, blending together underwear and arts

22 June 2022

Zodiaque Studios is the hot new underwear label from Berlin. This year the company was invited to be part of a curated selection in the recent edition of SIL Paris. With an interesting concept that blends together arts, culture and luxurious underwear, Emily Renk, the brain behind the brand, spoke about Zodiaque Studios’ spirit and ambitions of the brand during the SIL.

It is an exciting time for Emily Renk, the founder and the spirit behind the brand, Zodiaque Studios. “I is incredible that we made it to SIL in Paris that fast”, she says. The brand has been in development for two years and started sales only in March this year. Since then, the company has already gained its first retailer and was successfully part of SIL Paris. “I was thrilled when we got contacted by Matthieu Pinet, the curator of the EXPOSED area inside the SIL. The exchange and feedback with like minded people is very inspiring. It’s great to be surrounded by people who share the same passion as us. In addition, we have received a surprising amount of publicity and support. That feels great. ” tells Renk.

Zodiaque Studios came with a catalogue of 42 items – 7 pieces of its collection declined in six different colours. With a background as a curator and young collector of contemporary art, Emily Renk’s collection is associated with luxurious sensuality and inspired by the muses of art. “I like connecting the strength and spirit of the muses in art history with the contemporary muses, the women surrounding us. This is why our first collection is named after Venus and Athena. Our Athena line is at the heart of our collection with six different pieces,” she tells. “It is the most popular one and favored by professional visitors here as well.”

Luxury, artistic but also comfortable and eco-friendly. “Our collection puts high emphasis on natural materials, that is why everything is made out of natural silk with a bit of stretch. Together it is the perfect synthesis of comfort and luxury.” describes Renk.

Comfort, well-being and the quality of natural materials were behind the development of the collection. “It is our aim to define a new understanding of comfort. Our products understand comfort as a holistic sense of well-being that encompasses not only fit, but also sustainability factors and aesthetics,” says Emily Renk.

Zodiaque Studios is poised to growth with new products being added to the collection and an even more integrated multicultural concept. “More muses and goddesses are likely to be be honoured in future collections. But I cannot tell more for now, you have to stay tuned !” tells Renk…