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Events Publish in 7 March 2024

10 Interfilière Paris lingerie trends for 2025-2026

Rethink and rebuild

More than just a trend, it is a real state of mind for the years to come. In a market driven by technological advances, a world of possibilities is emerging which could very well reshape the ways in which we picture, build, sell and consume lingerie. Think Artificial Intelligence, technological laces, smart hangers, magnetic fasteners and thermo-regulating fabrics. Combining beauty, comfort and utility is now a key for bringing lingerie into the future.

A new look at recycling

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Following the first wave of progress in textile fibre recycling, inspiring global perspectives will emerge in the upcoming years which, combined with new technologies, should increase the industry’s circular motions. Leading the way is Renewcell and its Circulose, a pulp produced from textile waste which, in a similar way as recycled wood fibres, can be used to create new forms of lyocell, viscose or modal, while considerably reducing the use of chemicals.

A bra revolution

Great innovations make great brands, and the bra is at the heart of a small revolution which is already well underway. Now part of a broader vision of the silhouette, the bra no longer aims to redefine shapes. It becomes an organic extension of the bust, freed of any constraint or transformation. At Shanghai Press Intimates and Spring Lace, technological laces now make it easier to adjust cups and back sizes throughout the time, allowing the fit to evolve when needed while always following the body’s natural contours.

Go stretch or go home

The Skims revolution has established shapewear as a new embodiment of our lifestyles, stressing our need for products that allow total freedom of movement at any time of day. New technical pieces emerge which are both clean and comfortable, and which embrace our natural figure in a dynamic way. From bodysuits to evening dresses and sportswear, lingerie and casualwear merge in a new generation of garment, both intimate and technical.

Reclaiming sexiness

Sexy is no longer synonymous with object. The language of seduction is expanding, focusing on the way women look at themselves : through a new powerful and friendly gaze. Desirable lingerie no longer resides in objectification, but in a skillful blend of audacity and well-being, opening new doors to products that combine design, comfort and freedom of movement.

Lingerie shows off its frills

Bras are exposed, nighties are worn over trousers, bralettes are out and transparency is everywhere. The boundary between lingerie and ready-to-wear has never been so fine. Beyond the concept of underwear, lingerie is becoming a fashion accessory of its own, proudly displayed in part or in full. A door opens to new hybrid materials, multiple textures and generous colour ranges that combine neutral tones with pop explosions.

Multiple laces

On a Fleur du Mal bodysuit, a Balenciaga dress or a pair of Dior trousers, lace is playing versatile. Inspired by lingerie, ready-to-wear designers are bringing lace into full eveningwear, sportswear and casual looks. A myriad of technical possibilities are emerging, along with new colours and modern graphics that dress head to toe silhouettes, neo-romantic style.

Virtual reality and futuristic visions

With new possibilities come new ways of looking. As virtual reality increases in the technological spheres, its influence on our relationship to design grows. Lingerie is no exception: from 3D textile design software to shape analysis and fibre bio-mimicry, virtual reality is now a major ally in the development of products that stand close to the body and its needs. As a result, an infinite combination of shapes, materials and constructions is emerging, covering the whole spectrum of design and bringing an avant-garde look into even the most classic of models.

Heading outside

As we are turning to simple pleasures in an attempt to reconnect to a healthier lifestyle, nature is at the heart of our quest for a holistic wellbeing. We are witnessing a growing need for lightweight, flexible, comfortable and sustainable materials which move around the body without restricting it. A new challenge for athleisure fabrics which combine natural fibers with technical adjustments.

The French way


The world has a new craving for French lingerie. Delicate, refined and easy to wear pieces, an easiness of shapes and fabrics and a skillful proportions balance : scooped but comfortable, seductive yet practical, in nude tones or black shades. Retro designs are backed by contemporary shapes in a variety of geometrical constructions, expanding the possibilities of an ever-evolving timeless style.