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News Trends Publish in 19 March 2024

5 major lingerie, activewear and homewear trends for winter 2024-2025

We’re on for cosy basics, technical lightness and mismatched sets.

They are creative, they are on the move, and they are committed to facing the future with comfort and fun. The new generations of consumers are here and they are not afraid to shake things up, starting with the way we think, design and create. In lingerie as in interior design, we are now longing for this at-home touch. It is all about harmony, with who we are and with new-found values that combine genuineness with emancipation, and care with kindness. Here are the 5 major trends for winter 2024-2025.


We now cherish our lingerie as we cherish our home. In tune with design trends that focus on enwrapping textures, natural fabrics and the warmth of a protective and comforting interior, we aim for basics that embrace the body and carry it in moments of relaxation. As 56% of all lingerie purchases are now dedicated to bras and strapless pieces, we look for functional, comfortable and refined styles, with a certain know-how and an eye for detail. Shades of white, ivory and cream, pleated or gauzy textures and delicate finishing make for a sweet lingerie that brings us balance and peace of mind.


Plural beauties

In lingerie, make-up or design, new ranges of color highlight the different skin tones.  Pastels catch the light to brighten a room or a garment, create new arrangements, bring a bold touch that highlights the body’s natural beauty or the raw materials of a room. New generations are creative and wave their style as an identity banner, one in which lingerie is now a major accessory. They are not afraid to mix, to layer, to mis-match lingerie sets, colors and materials. New combinations of shapes and colors emerge, embodying a contemporary vision of an almost political romanticism, one that fosters identity through creation and self-representation.

Carol Coelho

Light as a feather

Lingerie that embraces lightness, supports and assists without constraint. Architectural shapes, technical fabrics that both emphasize and soften the body. Underwear as a second skin, both humble and flawless, elegant yet quiet. Sports brands such as Hastko took on this new range of modernist lingerie which also calls for light patterns and thin, tattoo-like graphic lines in contrast with the skin. A bold take on lines and materials, a play on the balance between silk and lace or with masculine boxers re-made for women’s bodies, as seen at Sombo.


Beyond traditions

We focus on color to highlight our contours, to bring the light where we want it to shine, to talk about an empowered femininity that plays with its image and masters its own narrative. Colorful hues take our kitchens and our bathrooms by storm, neutrals become accessories, the palette is brought to life by vibrant fabrics effects where silk meets lycra and velvet underlines lace. Color becomes an exclamation point on the body. This approach also allows new ways of looking at fits and construction, bringing creativity back to the center of the pattern-making process. A new creative ground from which new ways of wearing, mixing and selling emerge.

Dora Larsen

Arty sexy

Forget about a total black look, seduction sails away from classicism to display an optimistic take on shapes and colors. This fresh approach of sexiness is, first and foremost, close to the self, to intimate values and to each woman’s personality. A call for freedom that combines patina, brightness, pop pattern embroidered on transparent pieces. Color draws on the body and paints the way to a playful, vibrant and positive sexiness, opening new conversation about a confident seduction.

Skarlett Blue