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News Events Publish in 28 December 2023

Ulule's young lingerie brands

They offer visitors a unique window on emerging trends, innovative craftsmanship and their stories. Discover the names of these young brands who are redefining standards and shaping the future of the industry.


Founded by Marine Gauthey Regazzoni, Maheyni rethinks removable straps as jewels, adorned with semi-precious stones, offering infinite bra customization. Enabling women to adapt to their desires, Maheyni lingerie features contrasting materials, mixing opacity and transparency, and incorporates elements of French handcrafted embroidery, created by Maison Leveaux.


Kallisto offers ethical, practical and elegant nursing lingerie. Designed in Belgium and made in Portugal with European-certified materials, including recycled Italian lace, the brand offers a solution for moms who want to feel beautiful while breastfeeding.

My Joy

Combining the advantages of disposable and washable sanitary pads without the drawbacks, My Joy was created to offer women a practical, comfortable and hygienic solution all day long.

Noumi Swim

Noumi Swim emerges from a passion for swimwear and the splendor of body shapes, offering a range of recycled swimwear designed from recycled polyamide and polyester fabrics. The brand embodies the shape of a swimsuit that is at once committed, seductive and daring, highlighting the beauty of every body.

Bad Biche Lingerie

Bad Biche Lingerie, born from the desire to create sexy, modern pieces for everyone, designed in an ethically-minded atelier in France and Portugal. Bad Biche pieces aim to offer modern, unconventional lingerie suitable for all body types and genders.

Brands invited to the Salon International de la Lingerie from January 20 to 22, 2024:

Bad Biche by Lou Manesse – F’Latté – Kallisto Mama – Maheyni – Mamanoa – Miyesis – My Joy – Perdième – Sensée – Ecaïles Swimwear – Noumi Swim – Eleganteazy – The French Unicorn