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Events Publish in 29 January 2024

Terres intimes

Listen to episodes of the Terres Intimes podcast recorded live from the show, with contributions from a range of speakers and experts!

In each episode of Terres Intimes, Juliette Cervera interviews people about their sexuality and intimacy. Together, they talk with joy and awareness about the land within, self-love, pleasure, sensuality, the body, sex education and their relationship with the world. Intimacy is explored with gentleness, authenticity and awareness to inspire listeners to discover a little more about themselves and to dare to live the sexuality they dream of experiencing.

Terres Intimes has invited itself to this year’s Salon International de la Lingerie to offer conversations about intimacy, the influence of lingerie on our relationship with our bodies, confidence, self-love and pleasure.

To watch the 8 episodes recorded live from the show: https://smartlink.ausha.co/terres-intimes